1/9/11: The big day is quickly approaching! As everyone is hurriedly packing their bags, please be sure you review the info section of the website so you know all the important information. A few days ago, we found out that the original luau we had booked got canceled!! Eeeeks! But fear not, we managed to quickly divert this potential crisis, and booked another luau that sounds even funner and more exciting. :) It is 20 minutes away from our hotel, so we will have a bus pick us all up. Please review the updated info section on the website for full details!! Other than that, all the info has stayed pretty much the same. See you guys in a week! Keep your fingers crossed for good weather!!

11/15/10: The wedding is officially only TWO MONTHS away!! YIKES!! We’re super excited that our wedding date is near, however getting quite stressed that there’s so much more get done! Richard and I had a great time at my work retreat at Lake Arrowhead this last weekend, and didn’t have much time to do any wedding planning.. except for picking out bridesmaid colors and food items while in the car on the way up to the mountain. :) We won’t have a chance to taste-test the food, since we won’t be able to make an extra trip out to Hawaii before the wedding date.. so if the food sucks, it’s not our fault! :) We’re picking items based on how they sound on paper, and according to suggestions we’re getting from the catering service. For all it’s worth, the item descriptions sound tasty and succulent, so our hopes are high! We will also have an open bar, so you guys better be ready to party!

We will periodically be adding more info to the info section, so please keep checking our page! We just added some more new info.

On a non-wedding note, Richard’s car got broken into past weekend while we were on my work retreat up at Lake Arrowhead.. those little bastards smashed his passenger window in the middle of the night to get to his MP3 player... Richard has a message to give that stealthy little theft: “next time you want to steal my $20 MP3 player, just call me and I’ll open the door for you, then I don’t have to pay $300 to get my window fixed!” When we told Richard’s mom the news, she did bring up a good point.. good thing is that this happened on the last day of our retreat as opposed to the first, so at least we had a chance to enjoy the weekend!

11/10/10: The website is finally official! We’ve been working very hard to get this website up in time for all of you to access info and RSVP for the wedding. If you were not invited to the wedding, don’t worry, we still like you. We’ve decided to have a destination wedding, and prefer a smaller gathering for a more intimate feel. :)

We’ve finally finished all the invitations! This was a super fun project of ours. We decided to go with “message in a bottle” invitations to correspond with our beach wedding. We spent lots of time handcrafting these invitations for you guys, but we enjoyed every minute of it! Hope they get to you safely! Trivia question for you guys: anyone can guess the significance of the blue tissue paper in the invitation box?